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Nuclear Watch South is intervening in the proceeding. In previous interventions, the group has presented expert witness testimony that the power from Vogtle 3 & 4 is not needed using Georgia Power's own performance figures . The Georgia Power data, which the company has never refuted, shows that sales remain flat over almost 10 years, and that the company is chronically overbuilt, currently with 30% excess power in its portfolio despite the recent closure of 3,000 Mw of coal-fired power. Nuclear Watch South also uncovered the disconcerting fact that Georgia Power's profits jumped 20% with the advent of Vogtle construction to more than $1 billion per year. The company has famously collected $2 billion in upfront charges from its residential, small business, local government and school customers for Vogtle which is only 30% complete although it was supposed to be online by now.

OFFICE OF CABLE & COMMUNICATIONS (CHARMTV) Tonia C. Lee, Executive Director (410) 396-1100 8 Market Place, Suite 200, Baltimore , MD 21202 e …

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Robert Alvarez - UntitledRobert Alvarez - UntitledRobert Alvarez - UntitledRobert Alvarez - Untitled