Help she can't swim - hospital drama

Following the split members of the band have gone on to form new projects. Tom Denney released solo material under the name Lonely Ghosts and performed in the live band for Nullifier. He then formed the band Soft Arrows in 2011 with ex-members of My Device , as well as Nature Channel in 2013. Leesey Frances contributed vocals and clarinet to tracks on the Lonely Ghosts album and mini-album, as well as performing at live shows. In 2013 she formed a new band, Daskinsey4. Lewis Baker went on to play in Spaghetti Anywhere, Warm Brains and Colours. Tom Baker later joined Colours, changing their name to Great Ytene.

Help She Can't Swim were an indie/art rock band formed in Southampton in 2003. They have released a number of singles on Fantastic Plastic Records , along with an EP and two full albums. Before signing to Fantastic Plastic, they had released one EP entitled Suck Our Band (a phrase taken from the lyrics of their song "Are You Feeling Fashionable?") on the Vacuous Pop label. Originally a five-piece, one of the founding members, Tom Baker, left the band in 2006, before the release of the band's second album The Death of Nightlife , though still contributed to the recording which had mostly been completed before his departure. The band announced they had split up on 26th of May 2008 on their myspace blog. Their reasoning behind the break up, as quoted from their MySpace blog was "There are a lot of things that the four of us need to do personally that being in the band does not allow. We have had an amazing time being in HSCS; we got to release our music, tour, play shows with some great bands and met lots of lovely people."

Help She Can't Swim - Hospital DramaHelp She Can't Swim - Hospital DramaHelp She Can't Swim - Hospital DramaHelp She Can't Swim - Hospital Drama